Electronic Belt Scale

Electronic Belt Scale


A weighting equipment for metering belt conveying capacity with simple structure and advanced technology

【 Capacity 】:

≤1200 t/h


EBM 2011 is a new generation of continuous weighing management system, the control core adopts German Siemens ddLC, stability and reliability has been greatly improved


The system can automatically control the feeding quantity of belt machine according to the preset flow rate.

High efficiency and energy saving, durable and wear-resistant

The system reserves a standard communication interface. That is convenient for production management and scheduling.

【Product Structure】

Electronic Belt ScaleElectronic Belt Scale

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The displayed part adopt the high-grade large size touch screen to replace the traditional digital tube and liquid crystal module which has friendly man-machine interface and rich display contents. This product can fully replace the traditional weighting totalizer instrument.

【Technical Parameters】

Model Suitable Belt Conveyor Load (kg) Setting Angle Belt Speed (m/s) Weight (kg)
PDC500 TD500 0 ~300 ≤ ±20。 ≤ 3 40.5
PDC650 TD650 0 ~300 ≤ ±20。 ≤ 3 43.6
PDC800 TD800 0 ~300 ≤ ±20。 ≤ 3 47.8
PDC1000 TD1000 0 ~300 ≤ ±20。 ≤ 3 53.5
PDC1200 TD1200 0 ~300 ≤ ±20。 ≤ 3 59.6

【Successful case】

Electronic Belt Scale

An gold dressing plant in Indonesian required the measure precision of conveying material reaches ±0.1%, so the customers want to choose a quality-standard equipment from China. They found Xinhai electronic belt scale manufacturers through the network, after discussion, the customers purchased an electronic belt scale from Xinhai to try. Xinhai electronic belt scale adopts precise triple beam parallelogram stainless steel load cells, its repeatability is 0.01%, the nonlinear and hysteresis are 0.02%. In practical applications, the measurement effect is accurate, the customer is satisfied with this results and purchased other corresponding processing equipment from Xinhai.